Philodendron 'Tortum' Rare Houseplant

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We are adding just a few fully rooted Philodendron Tortum plants available in a 4" planter; you would receive the exact one photographed. 

Unveiling its secret weapon, the Tortum flaunts a mesmerizing symphony of undulating leaves, creating a striking visual display reminiscent of nature's own dance. The elongated, narrow foliage, resembling the ribbons of an enchanting woodland nymph, gracefully arches and twists, as if reaching out for the spotlight. Its emerald green color exudes a sense of tranquility, evoking a peaceful harmony wherever it resides.

Delighting the eye with a touch of whimsy, the Tortum is not just a passive observer in your home; it demands attention and inspires conversation. Friends and guests won't be able to resist its charm as they marvel at its enchanting silhouette, inevitably drawn closer to bask in its natural allure.

Don't be fooled by its captivating appearance—the Philodendron Tortum is also a symbol of resilience. Native to the tropical rainforests of South America, it has endured the test of time and perfected the art of adaptation. Its hardy nature makes it an ideal companion for both experienced plant parents and those just starting their green journey.

The Tortum thrives in bright, indirect light and appreciates a touch of humidity. A well-draining soil mix and regular watering will keep it content and flourishing. With minimal care, this botanical gem will reward you with years of beauty and elegance.

Available in the following packaging based on your preference:

  • Nursery Pot - Standard plastic 4-inch planter pot that can be placed inside a larger pot or left as is until it outgrows it. 

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For added humidity, our Lyfe Rose Gold Signature Mister will make a perfect addition to your plant shelf for both function and beauty. We also recommend adding our Plant Shield & Shine to your order for routine maintenance and pest prevention.  

Our plants are shipped from our indoor greenhouse in South Florida. Please note all our plants are one of a kind and if you want to message us we can send you a picture of the exact one you will receive. The product image here is intended to be the best representation of what you can expect to receive but yours may have slightly less or more growth depending on the crop we have when your order is placed. Any lifestyle pictures are meant to demonstrate how a fully grown or more mature plant looks for you to get a sense of it in your space.

About the Plant
Botanical Name
Philodendron 'Tortum'
Common Names
Philodendron Tortum'
Plant Type
Houseplant, Perennial
Mature Size
Up to 8ft with supports
Sun Exposure
Part sun, bright indirect works great
Soil Type
Loamy but fast draining, equal parts loam, sand, and peat works great
Soil pH
Slightly acidic
Bloom Time
Spring, not known for it's blooms
Flower Color
Flowering not significant unless breeding and when mature enough.
Hardiness Zones
Zone 9-11; grown as a houseplant in all climates
Native Area
Central and South American rainforests
Toxicity / Pet Safe
Not pet safe, may be toxic
Watering Schedule
Water once the top 2-inches are dry to avoid root rot, keep up humidity
Shipping & Returns

All our plants ship exclusively with UPS to ensure they arrive timely and in good condition. We ship most of our plants Mondays & Tuesdays to most of the USA to ensure they arrive speedy to your location. If you order on a Tuesday after 12 PM ET it is possible that we would not ship it till the following Monday.

We monitior the weather in each destination location to maximize the shipping time and utilize thermal protection to ensure that the plant is protected. You can add a heatpack or thermal bag to your order if temperatures at night fall below 40 degrees.

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