Decorating Your Dorm Room

Decorating Your Dorm Room

Decorating Your College Dorm Room

Congrats Grad!  You've done it!  Now it's time to pack your bags and go off to college.  Leaving home for the first time can be challenging. It’s a bittersweet time for both graduates and parents. Students are starting their Freshman year of college and it’s important to make a dorm room as cozy as possible. Leaving home is hard enough. These tips will help you decorate your college dorm room beautifully and will help you have a great academic school year.

Make Your Living Space Comfortable

Bring vibrance into your dorm room with the beauty of nature. Make your dorm feel cozy by adding plants that have colorful foliage.  Unique textures can also add depth to your dorm room.  Plants also add life to sterile environments. This can also help you add some extra privacy and will even reduce noise levels. This is a game changer, especially if you’re sharing the living space.

Improve Air Quality

Plants improve the air quality. Your plants are purifying the oxygen through a process that is called photosynthesis. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, which creates a healthier living space.   Breathe easily in your dorm room knowing that your dorm has better oxygen levels that will surely help you stay focused on your studies.

Stress Reduction

Plants are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.  Being around plants decreases cortisol levels in the body. This is the hormone that’s released when we feel stress.  Do you have a big exam to prepare for?  Don't stress.  Surrounding yourself with house plants will help you manage the stress of college life more effectively while maintaining your over-all mental health and well-being.  Your body, mind and soul will thank you.  

Enhanced Focus

  Being around plants helps to boost your concentration and improves productivity. People who were surrounded by plants during study times had improved concentration and grades by up to 20%. Plants reduce CO2 Levels in the air.  Plants also increase levels of the happy hormone known as endorphins.  This positive state can elevate your mood and will increase your motivation and engagement with learning new materials.  You will learn and retain new information more effectively while increasing cognitive function.  

Aesthetic Appeal

  By adding live, vibrant plants to your decor, you will make your dorm room feel visually pleasing & welcoming.  You will feel at home in your green oasis.  Even if your living space has low light, you can still brighten up dark corners with the right plants. Consider low maintenance plants that will thrive with minimal sunlight and care if your space doesn't have many windows to allow natural light to enter.  

Emotional Well-Being

Caring for plants allows you to connect to nature while providing you with a sense of accomplishment.  Watching your plants thrive and grow is very rewarding and extremely fulfilling.  Take time to explore plants that work for your college life style.  Learn about your plants needs so that you can give all your plants the needed attention that they require.  Surrounding yourself with plants in your new college dorm room will boost your energy, mood and your grades.   

Plant Lyfe is Happy Lyfe.