Not just any Orchid.

The Jewel Orchid aka Ludisia Discolor is a trending terrarium favorite, known for it's gorgeous foliage. This orchid grows well in soil unlike the other common orchids.

Fresh Arrivals Everyday

We ship from our indoor fulfillment center in South Florida to ensure you get fresh beautiful plants delivered to your door.

Brand New! Themed Terrariums

Airplants are an easy to maintain plant option. Needs weekly soaking and it's yours to style in your space.

Packed with love.

"I want to commend your company for the packing methods. My plant arrived safely tucked and unblemished. Thank you for exceeding my expectations! In fact, I just ordered more plants. You have a customer for life." Judy, MO
3 plants on a layered wooden stand planted in a white porcelain round pot. Plants are pink, red and green.

Nothing to bug you. Just Hanging.

Our Alata pitchers love hanging out in the Amelia planter and don't they just look stunning? High humidity and good light serve it right.

Let our Plant Lyfe family tell you why they love getting our plants


My plants were sent in an incredibly sweet packaging!! The size was bigger than I thought. Thank you for your sweet little gifts.🙏🏼🌺

Ilkay Tefek
A cute hungry buddy.

Venus Fly Trap.

This plant is so unique; it both beautifies and traps those disturbing houseflies and perky mosquitoes. With these, we can say goodbye to the plague in Florida.

A Spotted Pitcher.

The pitcher plant not only rids your home of insects, it has a unique shape and beautiful colors that make it an attractive piece of decoration in living spaces.

"If we plant the right seeds, tomorrow will be better.
If you put out good things, then you'll get good things back."

Proud to Support Local Florida Growers

We source all our plants locally in Florida near our headquarters and are certified to ship our houseplants throughout the USA including California, Texas, and LA

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