Packed with love.

"I want to commend your company for the packing methods. My plant arrived safely tucked and unblemished. Thank you for exceeding my expectations! In fact, I just ordered more plants. You have a customer for life." Judy, MO

Bug Eating Plant.

Fresh crops of our Venus Fly Traps are now available to bring home. Each one has a few traps that are almost an inch long.

Beauty to be Savored.

We love the feel of Romance this Nerve plant, the Fittonia verschaffeltii is giving, this is perfect for a beautiful terrarium and gorgeous complement to green leaves.

Welcome Mr ZZ

Our newest arrival and an easy beginner houseplant with regular amazing leaf growth.
"If we plant the right seeds, tomorrow will be better.

If you put out good things, then you'll get good things back."

A cute hungry buddy.

Venus Fly Trap.

This plant is so unique; it both beautifies and traps those disturbing houseflies and perky mosquitoes. With these, we can say goodbye to the plague in Florida.

A Spotted Pitcher.

Carnivorous plants. A hybrid plant.

The pitcher plant not only rids your home of insects, it has a unique shape and beautiful colors that make it an attractive piece of decoration in living spaces.

Reduce Stress

Add Oxygen

Watch Growth

Plant Lyfe

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