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Fresh Greenhouse Arrivals

"Plants give us Oxygen for the Lungs and for the Soul"

- Linda Solegato

A Hanging Talking Point.

The pitcher plant not only rids your home of insects, it has a unique shape and beautiful colors that make it an attractive piece of decoration in living spaces.
Monstera Adansonii Swiss cheese plant in Nursery pot

Proud to Support Local Florida Growers

We source all our plants locally in Florida near our headquarters and are certified to ship our houseplants throughout the USA including California, Texas, and Louisiana.

Plant Lyfe

Reduce Stress

Add Oxygen

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Home Plant Delivery

Order plants online for delivery today and enjoy new life in your home from our wide variety of choices. We offer pitcher plants, houseplants, staghorn ferns, and many more. Contact us today and explore your options to have plants delivered to your door.

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