Plant Shield & Shine - Houseplant Pest Control and Leaf Shine Spray Verdant Lyfe

Plant Shield & Shine - Houseplant Pest Control and Leaf Shine Spray

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Attn: All spider mites and leaf-destroying pests meet your match! Our Plant Shield & Shine is an all-in-one solution for all houseplants, but specially designed for Calatheas and Alocasias. We got sick of the smell of neem oil, didn't like using anything harmful, and finally came across the perfect blend of natural (stink-free) ingredients to keep our plants happy year-round. 

This solution comes pre-mixed (just needs to be shaken before each use) in a convenient and comfortable to use 8oz spray bottle. 

We recommend using this preventatively and shining your leaves once every two weeks. If you have an active pest infestation we would recommend use every 2-5 days. 

Shield & Shine contains Filtered Water, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Mica, and inert ingredients. 

Size: 8 oz

Shield & Shine has been formulated to preventatively treat & fight mild infestations of the following: Spider Mites, Fungus Gnats, Mealy Bugs, Aphids, Scale, some funguses, and other similar soft bodied pests. It is safe to use outdoors and bee safe. If you actively see any pests we do recommend removing and wiping away the pests as best as you can before spraying. 

 This item is pre-mixed so no need to dilute or add anything, just spray away. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    nikki o. (Duluth, US)

    Plant Shield & Shine - Houseplant Pest Control and Leaf Shine Spray

    Gina C. (Newark, US)
    So great!

    I love adding this for extra shine and care! Our plants are thriving !

    hailey b. (Sandy, US)
    Love it

    so far I think I can tell this works, its hard to know because I have used it since I got my plants so I don't have a before and after to refer to. My plants do look good though.

    Cindy I.M. (Sacramento, US)

    My absolute favorite product so far❤️

    Jenny W. (Chicago, US)
    Woth it!

    Needed this for my plants after the winter months. Perfect for spring! I sprayed the leaves of my pathos and they look vibrant and new. Highly recommend!