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Winter Ready Shipping Available for your Houseplant Purchase

Get your favorite plants shipped with winter protection

Have you considered keeping up your green thumb in the cold white winter?

As house plant enthusiasts, buying plants during the spring and summer is always our go to. But what if you want to purchase a plant but you are worried about the cold weather outside in your area. We ship from Sunny South Florida where we have nice weather almost all year round and don't have to worry about cold freezes. 

At Verdant Lyfe we pride ourselves on the quality of our amazing packaging and shipping. We have gotten plants to homes safely in the middle of sweltering summers and also in the dead of winter snowstorms. Just check out our over 100 5-star reviews on Google to get an idea of how we ship! In this post we will go over our winter shipping and inform you how to ensure the safety of your new plant depending on the weather at the destination. 

Why Should I Get a Plant in Winter

Winter is a unique time of the year. Many still think it is unsafe to transport plants during this season. While they are wrong, it also means fewer orders and faster deliveries for those who still make a move.

Pests and diseases are inactive

Most plant pests and diseases do not survive well in cold conditions. This means young plants stand a better chance of survival if you care for them well enough.

Plants grow slower in winter

Most plants sleep during the winter, which means they do not require pruning and so much nutrition. In addition, if you plan to transplant, they would do better in winter as they are not undergoing active growth.

Plants need less water

Because they are not actively growing, plants do not need to be watered as often as regularly. Also, rain falls a bit more in winter than in summer. If you keep your plants outside, they may get more water.

Indoor plants make you feel good in Winter

Studies have shown that keeping potted plants around can improve your mood throughout winter. It has many benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and anxiety levels, which typically go through the roof for most people during winter holidays.

Plants purify the air in your home during winter and add colour to the grayness of the season. In addition, some plants may give a beautiful scent that makes your home more welcoming in winter.

Now that you know why you should get plants in your home this winter, how about updating your knowledge on what plants to get this winter, as not all plants will thrive so well in the winter?

Best plants to get during winter

  • Snake-plant laurentii
  • Zz plant
  • Pothos
  • Dracena reflexa, tarzan bush and marginate
  • Cast-iron plant aspidistra elator
  • Hawthornia
  • Explorbia Milos Crown of Thorns
  • White Christmas Cactus
  • Peperomia Obtusfolia
  • Spider plant

How to Get Winter Plants

Buying a plant seems like a straightforward activity. You either order online or go to a physical store and pick a plant you want. It’s not changing during the winter. You just need to exercise caution when shopping for plants in winter. If you must step out to buy plants, here are a few things you can do to make it easier and get your plants home safely.

  • From the shop, wrap your plants in a few layers of paper or plastic to prevent the sudden temperature drop when you step outside.
  • Make sure you drive to the plant store because walking or riding a bike would mean the plant gets exposed to the extra-cold temperature between when you leave the store and when you get home. Even small amount of time like that can mightily affect the plant.
  • If you are ordering your plant online in winter, ask how the store plans to transport it so it gets to you safely.

Challenges of Shipping Plants in Winter

  • Plants can be quite fragile in winter, making carrying them around quite difficult.
  • Deliveries are often delayed, which could be bad for plants

How We Ship Plants for Winter

Yes, we already said it. Moving plants around in winter can be difficult, experience fatal consequences. We have provided efficient workarounds to guarantee year-round shipping of your favourite plants. This is how we ensure the safety and health of your plants when we ship them in the coldest winter months.

We add heat packs

Heat packs are survival essentials for plants making a journey in winter. We add these packs of warmth to give the effect of warmer weather for the plants. Heat packs can keep plants warm for as long as 72 hours or three days. By the time the heat packs have lost their magical power of warmth, your green leafy friend must have gotten to you healthy and happy.

To ensure your plant has warmth in the safest way possible, we may wrap the heat packs in a paper, providing an insulating layer, depending on the plant's needs.

We add thermal bags

An extra way we keep the frost at bay is by packaging the plant in a  thermal bag. Just like heat packs, thermal bags imitate warmer weather conditions which are safer for most plants. Unlike heat packs, thermal bags are used over the plants, providing absolute temperature control as desired.

We check the local weather

The local weather helps us know if it is safe to ship your plant at a particular time. It may be too risky if the daytime temperature gets too close to freezing. So, we always look for the ideal temperature to ship to you.

We ship on Mondays and Wednesdays

We ship only on the first two business days of the week to ensure your plant gets to you in the shortest possible time.


The weather may be unpredictable, but we have tailored our shipping services to work predictably well in the most uncertain winters. Go ahead, and shop for your favourite plants because you know delivery won’t be a hassle.