Showing Appreciation with the Gift of a Plant | Corporate Gifting

Showing Appreciation with the Gift of a Plant

Corporate Gifting

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is a thoughtful act whereby a business or company gives gifts to staff, clients, customers, or prospects as a sign of appreciation or a good gesture. Corporate gifting creates a touchpoint with others to show how much they mean to the company or business. Sometimes corporate gifting can be extended to the families of these people.

Corporate gifting can take any form but the more meaningful or thoughtful gifts are appreciated. Many times businesses like to physical item, edible treats, personalized items, or non-physical gifts like airfare experience or tickets to see a game or concert. We believe that plants show both an appreciation and concern for wellness of staff or business partners that is unmatched by any other items.

Why is Corporate Gifting an Important Practice?

Have you ever received a gift from a loved one or a stranger that was an unexpected surprise? Think about how it made you feel. The unexpected gifts bring joy, happiness and excitement unmatched by the run of the mill or typical gifts. That is the goal of our corporate gifting program! Receiving a gift is a pleasant experience that creates a deep sense of appreciation and connection for both the giver and the receiver. These connections are expected to create a better and more positive association between the company and the individuals.

Companies are now relying on the power of gifting to secure stronger relationships with employees, existing customers, and potential ones. Also, they use it to show appreciation for their businesses and loyalty. Some companies are leveraging the power of gifting in their staff retention efforts. To make their employees feel welcome and appreciated. Corporate gifting can be highly effective in customers satisfaction and generate impressive ROI

For potential customers, gifting can motivate and help convince them to bring their business to your company because they already have a sense of belonging and feel appreciated. People are more likely to do business with companies that offer personalized experiences or custom-based services. So if you send the right gift at the right time, it can be the motivation the prospect needs to take the desired action.

When you give existing customers gifts, you are letting them know that they are appreciated and valued. This action will encourage them to bring more businesses and even become your brand ambassador, referring other business associates.

Corporate gifting shouldn't be for outsiders alone; it should start with employees. Employees are the powerhouse behind any successful company. Employees should be rewarded from time to time like hitting milestones and completing sprint to make them feel appreciated and give their best for desired outcomes. Getting holiday gifts is also a work perk that many look forward to.

Unique Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas that will Wow

There are lots of corporate gift ideas for your customers and employees. Typically, the more expensive the gift is, the more valued the receiver will feel. However, sometimes corporate gifting doesn't have to be expensive or break the bank. We will look at some affordable gift ideas that are guaranteed to wow. We have a complete assortment of Giftable Plants that make excellent choices but we will look at some of our favorites below.

  1. Norfolk Island Pine

    A holiday favorite that stays happy and healthy year round, its a great plant that is native to the tropical Norfolk Islands and can be dressed up for the holiday season. 

  2. Braided Money Tree

    The Pachira aquatica aka "Lucky Tree" is an easy care indoor plant that makes it a gorgeous plant for gifting. Only needing water once a week or less it is easy to travel and for the occasional forgetful plant parent. This is a gifting staple we love!

  3. Airplants

    Airplants are a gifting favorite as they are low maintenance and don't take up much space either. Our favorite is the Airplant ionantha 'Fuego' 5" ball that comes with a wire for easy hanging and turns bright pink when ready to bloom. The blooms on this one are a gorgeous purple that contrasts nicely with the

  4. Calatheas

    The Calathea plant has many variations that come in different colors and leaf patterns. But what makes them truly unique and stand is how it folds at night. The routine is so healthy to see and experience, great for gifting. 

  5. Easy Care Plant Bundle

    A perfect pair of two plants that require minimal maintenance and look great all around. 

    Why are plants the best corporate gifts?

    House plants can be small or large, but they are there to remind us of the untamed splendor of nature, and they are live presents that last a long time because they are unique and special. They provide an eco-friendly environment, and their simplicity and continuous growth make them special.

    1. Plants Fix Work-Related Stress

      Workplace stress is a common stress type, and it is a significant issue in today's workplace culture. But, studies have shown that simply putting a potted plant on the desk can help reduce work-related stress. Plant life is considered to be calming to individuals who are dealing with routine and stressful conditions on a regular basis. So, plants as corporate gifts are quite thoughtful.

    2. Plant Gifts are usually personal and long-lasting.

      Unlike any other gift, plants are not to be used once and discarded, so when you send clients and staff plants as a corporate gift, it makes them realize their value. As long as they look at the plant, your business will always be in their minds.

    3. Plants Fit any Budget

       As I mentioned earlier, corporate gifts don't have to be expensive, so there is always a plant that fits your budget. In the case of an annual corporate event, you can get discounts on bulk purchases for all kinds of plants. It will still be lovely and memorable.

    4.  Improved Health and Productivity

      People surrounded by plants are said to be more joyful, healthy, and productive. Indoor plants in the office or workstation at home increase creativity and reduce stress while boosting general health and morale.

    5. Plants Make Us Happy

      Plants provide a burst of delight in any area of the office or workstation. And besides the numerous mental and physical benefits, plants also have productivity benefits. Corporate plant gifts are excellent gift ideas because they are gender-neutral, suitable for all, and adaptable to various home design styles.

      Gifting your clients and employees beautiful plants demonstrates your genuine love and appreciation to make their workplaces a better and more comfortable place. 

      Corporate gifting is there to create a touchpoint with others to show how much they mean to the company or business and there is no better way to show customers and employees they mean a lot and you value their business and health than gifting a plant.

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