Load image into Gallery viewer, Philodendron Painted Lady Hybrid Climbing Plant
Load image into Gallery viewer, Philodendron Painted Lady Hybrid Climbing Plant

Philodendron Painted Lady Hybrid Climbing Plant

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Bright Indirect Light House Plant Variegated

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Discover the beauty of this beautiful variegated houseplant that will undoubtedly make any corner of your home stand out. 

This hybrid plant is definitely a beauty. Crossbred from two stunning plants, the beauty of the “Painted Lady” is unparalleled. In terms of care, it is easy to manage-- only needing a minimum amount of humidity. Although it might not need direct sunlight, make sure you place it in a bright room in your home for nurturing. 

This plant comes with an 8-inch nursery totem pole for a better form. The light green and almost yellowish leaves accent the color of your home, making it more vibrant and full of life.

Nursery 8" w/ Totem as pictured. The Philodendron 'Painted Lady' is a hybrid of two-parent Philodendrons, P. Erubescens Burgundy plant, and P. Erubescens Emerald Queen plant.

If your plant needs added humidity our Plant Mister would make a perfect addition to your plant shelf for both function and beauty.

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Our plants are shipped from our indoor greenhouse in South Florida. Please note all our plants are one of a kind and if you want to message us we can send you a picture of the exact one you will receive. The product image here is intended to be the best representation of what you can expect to receive but yours may have slightly less or more growth depending on the crop we have when your order is placed. Any lifestyle pictures are meant to demonstrate how a fully grown or more mature plant looks for you to get a sense of it in your space.

Botanical Name
Philodendron Painted Lady
Common Names
Philodendron Painted Lady
Plant Type
Evergreen hybrid aroids
Mature Size
Grows 2-5 feet tall and spread 1-2 feet wide
Sun Exposure
Medium indirect sunlight to partial shade
Soil Type
Rich, moist and well drained soil
Soil pH
Slightly acidic
Bloom Time
Non blooming
Flower Color
Non flowering
Hardiness Zones
9-11 outdoors, can be grown on patios and brought in during winter in zones 4-8
Native Area
Central and South American rainforests
Toxicity/ Pet Friendly
Toxic and not pet friendly

Customer Reviews

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Rhalston Hill
Amazing as always!

These people know how to grow and ship plants! This is my second order from these guys and im not disappointed at all. The Painted Lady is soo much bigger then i anticipated!