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Simplicity is redefined with this minimalistic and beautiful terracotta planter in an oval-like shape, a modern recreation of the classic terra cotta pot.  

Made from a quality terracotta that is molded and fire glazed comes with a drainage hole to avoid overwatering and root rot. Also comes with a dish to catch drainage. 

Terracotta is a porous material that allows plant roots to breathe and a color that complements any decor. As it is a natural material it will develop a beautiful patina color over time—an excellent home for plants that need to dry between waterings, like Succulents and Cacti. 

Please pre-soak your terracotta pot in water overnight before starting to use the pot.
When you don't pre-soak terra cotta pots, the plant dries out faster. This isn't a huge deal—as long as you are attentive to your plant and water it when the soil is dry enough. But it will help you conserve water and lower the maintenance level of your plant. We also like to soak plants thoroughly when they are in terracotta planters to ensure they get enough water and it isn't being dried up by the planter. 


A great upgrade size for any 4" or 6" Plant


  • Pot Size:  6" Opening x 5.5" Deep
  • Saucer: 5.5" Wide
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs

Weight: TBD

Images with plants are for reference only. If you want it with the plant pictured please visit those product pages.


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We monitior the weather in each destination location to maximize the shipping time and utilize thermal protection to ensure that the plant is protected. You can add a heatpack or thermal bag to your order if temperatures at night fall below 40 degrees.

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