Lyfe Nutrient Fertilizer Water-Soluble

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A uniquely formulated water-soluble fertilizer mixture of micronutrients to nourish and optimize your plant's growth. 

Use our Lyfe Nutrient Fertilizer to

  • Maximize plant growth
  • Improve root development
  • Produce deeply colored leaves
  • Long - Term plant health

Use this water-soluble solution once a month for watering your plants. 

Water plants with this solution once a month; the rest use distilled, spring, rain, or other chlorine free-water. 

Hold onto your bottle as we have included two more bags of the water-soluble nutrient powder which can be added to this bottle to create two more bottles of the Lyfe Nutrient. 

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Nitrate nitrogen, copper, iron, urea, zinc, chelated, phosphate, boron, cupric disodium, sodium borate, and potash.

Size 16oz  - 473 ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dolores (Stuart, US)

My Hawian umbrella tree leaves were yellowing. I had it checked by someone and it needed fertilizer. I used verdantlyfes and my tree is healthy again. In happy

Rosangela O. (Linden, US)

I didn’t get a chance to use yet. Going to use tomorrow


I love Verdant Lyfe…I can’t wait to see how my plants flourish with this nutrient fertilizer.

C R.S.
Fertilizer works

How would I know if product was working? Only been 7 days- so knew growth. I love my pink quill plant. Has just produced its 4th bloom. Something new every day