Aglaonema "Wishes" | A Unique Pink Plant

Aglaonema "Wishes"

A Unique Pink Plant

  Our featured plant of the day is the Aglaonema “Wishes” Pink Plant.  This is an Evergreen Tropical Perennial plant type.  Not only is this a beautiful plant, it also adds bright colors that are eye-catching to any home, restaurant or office space.  In some parts of the world, it is said to even bring prosperity, good luck and favor to those who grow this beauty.  We all could use a little extra luck!  Don’t say I never taught you anything! 

   This is considered to be a user friendly plant, especially if you’re a new plant parent.  This is a steadily growing plant and thankfully it doesn’t require that you water it often.  You may purchase our watering can & mister bundle as an add on.  This does come in rose gold and makes a beautiful statement piece in addition to being functional.  The distinguished Aglaonema looks very beautiful in the Selene ceramic planter that we carry.  This porcelain 6-inch pot ceramic marble planter includes a drainage hole and a matching rose gold ceramic tray. If you’re about low maintenance and you want to begin your plant journey, this is certainly a plant to consider.  Its botanical name is Aglaonema and it also is known as the Chinese Evergreens or Pink Aglaonema.  When properly loved and cared for, it will grow to be anywhere from 1 ft to 3 ft tall!   

   For further care and pampering of your plant, consider adding on the Plant Shield & Shine to your online purchase.  This is an All-In-One product that provides preventative care for your plant.  Not only does it protect it from any potential harmful pests, but it also makes your plant's leaves shine and sparkle!  A must have for this plant, or any other that you have in your collection.  This product is great for any plant for that added love that they need.  

   This plant needs to be in low to bright indirect sunlight for best growing results.  It is very important to have your soil drain properly and please be careful that you don’t over water it.  The plant usually blooms around the summer time and produces pretty white flowers.  As many benefits that the Aglaonema has, please know that it is not a pet friendly plant.  This plant in fact is toxic to pets as it contains calcium oxalate crystals in parts of the plant. 

   With each plant sale we always supply you with important instructions before you open up plant package for the first time.  We always advise that you take special care and that you are extremely delicate when you unpack the plant.  Our shipping process is very detail oriented.  Your plant arriving alive is our number one priority, and of course, that the plant brings you joy and makes you feel happy.  We carefully package each plant lovingly.  We ensure that it is properly protected during the shipping process so that it makes it alive and well to it’s final destination.  As this is a perishable item, we advise that once you receive your package that you open it up immediately.  Before you get too excited and man handle your plant, please be certain to read the important instructions that are included with each order.  

   Makes a great gift for yourself or for your loved ones.  If you wish to ship this plant as a gift to someone, please be sure to include any special instructions that you wish for our team to pay attention to.  Your order is very important to us.  Maybe you’re sending a birthday gift and you want to include a birthday card with a special note.  Perhaps you’re sending a plant from Florida to California to your favorite person or somewhere else.  No matter where you are in the United States, we will ship it to your door!  With International Women's Day & Mother's Day approaching, this makes a wonderful present  for any woman who is special in your life.  Give a  gift that will last and bring happiness!  Plant Lyfe is a Happy Lyfe.