Alocasia Hilo

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The Alocasia Hilo is a stunning tropical plant known for its large, heart-shaped leaves and striking coloration. Its botanical name is Alocasia x Amazonica 'Hilo Beauty'. Sometimes referred to as Elephant Ears.  Alocasia Hilo features large, arrowhead-shaped leaves that are typically a vibrant green.  The leaves have wavy edges, adding to the plant's ornamental appeal.

Size: This plant can grow up to 2-4 feet (60-120 cm) tall and wide, making it a substantial addition to indoor spaces.

Light Requirements: Alocasia Hilo thrives in bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can scorch its leaves, so it's best to place it in a location with filtered sunlight or where it receives bright, indirect light.

Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Alocasia Hilo prefers high humidity, so misting the leaves or using a humidity tray can help maintain optimal moisture levels.Temperature: It prefers temperatures between 65-80°F (18-27°C) and is not tolerant of cold drafts or temperatures below 60°F (15°C).

Soil: Use a well-draining, peat-based potting mix to ensure good drainage and aeration for the plant's roots.

Alocasia Hilo is a stunning plant that can add a tropical flair to any indoor space with proper care.

 Available in the following packaging based on your preference:

  • 2" - Standard plastic 2-inch planter pot that can be placed inside a larger pot or left as is until it outgrows it.
  • 6 " - Standard plastic 6 inch planter pot that can be placed inside a larger pot or left as is until it outgrows it.
  • Wanda - Porcelain 3.5-inch pot ceramic marble planter with drainage hole and matching rose gold ceramic tray.

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About the Plant
Botanical Name
Alocasia x Amazonica 'Hilo Beauty'
Common Names
Elephant Ears
Plant Type
Tropical Plant
Mature Size
2-4 feet tall and spreads 6 inch to 2 foot wide
Sun Exposure
Indirect to Bright Indirect or Part Shade
Soil Type
N/A Technically an epiphytic species on trees
Soil pH
N/A Technically an epiphytic species on trees
Bloom Time
Flower Color
Pale Yellow and White
Hardiness Zones
Zone 11+; grown as a houseplant in all climates with correct lighting and humidity
Native Area
Asia and Eastern Australia
Toxicity/ Pet Friendly
Not Pet safe, Keep out of reach of children and pets
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