Calathea Pink Pinstripe Prayer Plant | Keeps Moving & Going

Calathea Pink Pinstripe Prayer Plant

Keeps Moving & Going

   The more I'm around plants, the more I realize that they are very much alive!  The plants are constantly moving even if it's not noticeable; believe me when I say movement is happening. The Calathea Pink Pinstripe Prayer Plant is drawn to the sunlight.  This unique tropical plant loves humid conditions and is Native to South America. The vibrant pink and green colors that truly make it stand out in any room or office space.  Not only does it have stunning colors on the top and bottom of the leaves, it will also certainly improve the oxygen quality.  

   When watering your plant, we recommend that you use distilled water.  You may also use rain water that you have gathered.  The Pink Pinstripe Prayer Plant does well in bright indirect sunlight.  It's important that the soil is moist, but that it's draining well.  For added humidity add the plant mister to your online order along with the matching rose gold watering can.  When you purchase both the watering can and the mister you will save when you bundle them together.  

   Did you know that this plant is called the prayer plant because it actually raises it’s leaves as if were trying to reach for the sky and when it does this, it also displays the beautiful purple underside of the leaves.  The plant does this because it is following the light throughout the day and the leaves of the Calathea Ornate Pink Pinstripe Prayer Plant fold themselves closed.   This is a response called nyctinasty.  It’s almost as though this plant were offering a prayer to the heavens.  When it’s day time the plant will display its beautiful striping leaves.  This is a wonderful house plant to add to your home or office collection.  The plants are very much alive and move throughout the day and especially at night.  Some people use this plant as a reminder and it helps people to focus on their prayer or petition requests.  

  If you have a green thumb, or if you’re up for a challenge, then this is certainly a great plant to adopt and care for or even give as a gift to your plant bestie. This plant is also ideal for pet owners as it's non-toxic!  So even if your pet decides to nibble at it or if your cuddly creature comes in contact with the plant in some way, your pet will not be harmed in the slightest.  

   To maintain the leaves we recommend that you wipe them down weekly.  We offer the Plant Shield & Shine which also acts a defense against any pests that may bring harm to your plant.  It also makes your leaves look so pretty and shiny!  Just spray the product on the leaves and gently wipe the product into the plants leaves.  You will notice the change instantly upon application.  

    If you want to see your Prayer Plant actually move around, then I have a fun activity for you try!   If you have a smart device, put your camera on Time-Lapse.  Be sure that your camera is still and not being disturbed or moved for best results.  I recommend a tripod, but if you don’t have one, you can use a book or some other object to hold your camera steady.  Plant movement is not noticeable to the naked eye, but with the technology of the time laps setting in your camera app, you can & will see that your plant is dancing and that it is very much alive and moves!  Comment below or tag us at @verdantlyfe if you want us to see or repost your own creative time-lapse video of your Calathea Pink Pinstripe Prayer Plant.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!  

    You may come to the shop directly to pick out your own Calathea Pink Pinstripe Prayer Plant.  Not local?  No problem!  We promise to carefully prepare your plant for shipping.  Instructions will be included so that you know how to properly care for your plant so that it will thrive.  Plant Lyfe means a  Happy Lyfe!