Mental Health & Plants

Mental Health & Plants

 How Plants and Gardening Can Improve Your Mental Health

According to data from National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 52 million reported adults in the US experienced a mental illness in 2019.  Our emotional, psychological and social well being are all a part of mental health.  It will affect how you feel, act and think.  Your mental health impacts how you handle stress, relate to other people, make choices and so much more.  It’s important to keep your mental wellness in check and to practice healthy lifestyle habits regularly.  

Reasons why gardening is the best therapy for you 

Plants are proven to have a positive impact on your overall mental health & wellness.  Many studies show that being around plants offer countless benefits for your physical and mental state.  The simple act of caring for your plants creates a sense of purpose and gives you a true feeling of accomplishment.  The long awaited reward of seeing a new leaf sprout or watching your plant bloom for the first time will give you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.  Spending time around plants is also calming and reduces stress levels significantly.  A person’s Mental Clarity is also going to be a lot better when you are surrounded by beautiful foliage.

Plants help to heal and improve air quality indoors

  When you’re feeling stressed or if you’re having anxiety, it is helpful to breathe in deeply and disconnect from your electronic devices.  Spend some time outside in the fresh air.  Smell the roses if you can.  Take a walk.  Enjoy a delicious fruit.  Listen to the birds chirping.  Get away from your computer and take a few moments to gather yourself.  When we disconnect for a bit, it actually helps you to be better connected.  Mental breaks are needed during a busy work week and they are essential to recharging and keeping a clear and focused mind set.  

  Your mood will improve and feelings of anxiety and depression are reduced just by being around plants.  In work environments, employees who had plants around them during their work hours performed better, had more focus, were more creative and over all, they felt happier than those who worked with no plants around them.  If you’re feeling like your productivity and creativity aren’t flowing properly, then it might be time to get yourself a new plant for your study room or even for the office.  

  When you have plants in an indoor space this will also improve the air quality and will even create a more visually pleasing and positively stimulating environment for you or any of your guests to enjoy.  Some plants can even help you if you’re feeling sick.  You may have had an upset stomach and you had some dandelion tea to help.  Perhaps you had a sunburn and you used some aloe vera to relieve it.  Your skin will even look better because plants are purifying the oxygen around you.  There are even many medicinal benefits that plants also offer.  You may do research to learn more about each unique plant and it’s charming characteristics.  The benefits are far too numerous to mention.  

Working with nature releases happy hormones

Plants are an important ingredient to happiness and they will improve the over quality of your life and will help you maintain good mental health and wellness.  Mental health is an important topic to address and we want to be sure that we do our part.  We want to recognize the importance of having plants in your living and work spaces.  Plants are very sacred and are vital for our survival.   We encourage you to surround yourself with various plants that you find tasteful and beneficial in your daily life.  Share your accomplishments with us!  We're here to grow together.  Let love bloom & remember...

Plant Lyfe is Happy Lyfe.