Stiletto Moss Planter

Stiletto Moss Planter

  Our customers have always been very important to us and we value their opinions and appreciate feedback.  This has always helped us to improve the overall quality of our brand.  When we had such a strong reaction to a decorative piece that was on our Live Instagram During a Live episode on Instagram, our customers got really excited about a moss heel planter that was used merely as decor for the sake of International Women’s Day.  We had no idea, but after listening to what our viewers were saying and seeing how much they wanted to buy this, we decided to create a product for Mother’s Day.  Hence the birth of the Stiletto Moss Heel.  

  We wanted this product to allow creativity to flow & we wanted a unique bonding experience for our customers & their beloved mother’s.  There are so many gift options out there and we wanted to stand out and be different from the rest.  We wanted to provide a unique product that could allow others to share joy, bring them closer to nature, be fun and be better than your typical mother’s day gift.  We wanted a not-so-usual product.  The planter is made out of preserved moss.  The planter itself does not require watering of any kind.  This is a user friendly gift and brings style to your home decor in an instant.  We hope you love this new product that we have just launched for the month of April!  Just in time for Mother’s Day! 

  The Stiletto Moss Planter is now available for purchase online!  We created two planter options.  One option features Air Plants and we call it Walking on Air.  With this kit you receive white pebbles, the moss heel planter and 3 mystery air plants along with assembly instructions.  Not only is this a very attractive statement piece, but it also is certain to start up conversation when you have guests visit you at home or at the office.  

  The second planter option that we have is called Step into Spring.  This option provides you with the moss heel planter, the Lyfe soil, white pebbles and 4 mystery succulent plants.  You receive detailed assembly instructions so that you may follow along at your own pace.  Both of these planter options require very low maintenance.  They just need a little bit of love and it will go a long way.  

  Watering air plants is quite different from watering traditional house plants. Once a week we suggest that you soak your air plants in room temperature water for about 20-30 minutes. After soaking, shake off any excess water and place them upside down on a towel to dry completely before returning them to their display.  It's very important to let your air plants dry completely after watering to prevent rot. Ensure good air circulation is around them.  If you can help it, we recommend that you use distilled, filtered or rainwater if possible.  If you don’t know, tap water can contain chemicals that can be harmful to your air plants over time.  After your air plant drys completely, you may place it back in it’s resting place.  With proper care and love, your air plants can thrive and they will add a unique touch to your indoor living or workspace!

  The succulent arrangement requires little attention, but be sure that it gets plenty of bright sunlight.  If indoors, place them near a window where they will get exposure to the warmth of the sun.  Water your succulents thoroughly when the soil is completely dry.  You may use our Lyfe Mister to water your succulent plants as well.  Typically we suggest that you do this once every 2 weeks.  We advise using distilled, filtered or rain water as tap water has a lot of harsh chemicals and may harm your plant over time.  As succulents thrive in drought conditions, you do not have worry if you forget to water your plants.  This kit is sure to entertain and please you.  Your plant will flourish and will add a touch of nature and bring beauty to your home and garden.  We hope that you enjoy this new product while it lasts.  We can’t wait to see your arrangements.  Remember to post your finished product when you’re done.  We’re always excited to hear from you!  Remember that Plant Lyfe is Happy Lyfe.